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Your Typical Emo Punk Kid

I like Elmo Punk

Am currently in a local emo punk band "Face in The Crowd" as a bassist. But i tend to play both guitar and bass.

Currently practising:

Bach Cello Suite in G Prelude
Pachebal's Canon in D
Random Aguado Dionisio pieces
My own band bass lines.

Musical Influences

  • Bach, Mozart, Prokofiev, Debussy and lots more....
  • Saves The Day, New Found Glory, NOFX, MXPX, Green Day and ....
  • Street Noises........honk! honk!

Favorite Recordings

  • Kracko-7 - Cruisin' (my colleague)
  • Kracko-7 - Hooliganism (him again, he's damn good)
  • Kracko-7 - Bohemian Tragedy (he's a genius)