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A little bit about Ricky Baby

Welcome to Insanity

Im Just a guy who has a (what I think any how) Cool collection of Guitars, a Bass, and a Mandolin. Naturaly I own a Rickenbacker330, its Fireglo. I also have an Epiphone Dot which ive customized with Gibson Classic 57 pickups, I also have a Peavey T-60.I like to think my first "real" guitar was a Peavey T-60, thats why I bought the one I have now. My first one got stolen, along with a Les Paul Custom and an Epiphone Casino (i KNOW who you are you BASTARD! What comes around, goes around!)

I have been playing for about twenty years now and I know ive not stoped learning or am I satisfied with my level of playing. I have played in a few bands, got one going now as it is, Look for soon:) I like to call it, Heavy Mental music. We are now in the processes of working on our first CD. Coming soon......I HOPE!


Because, if I do not create music, i will go crazy. Ever be just going to sleep and hear a tune in your head, or get words forming in your head, or "Hear" a song? Well thats me, and thats why I am a musician. Music to me is the universal language. it can express all the emotions that a human can feel. Some people paint, some people sculpt, and some go crazy. The rest of us are musicians.


By the way....My real name IS NOT Rick Enbacker.

Musical Influences

  • The Beatles, The Who, Early 60s British Invasion
  • R.E.M., Live, The Smithereens, Motorhead
  • The voices inside my head

Favorite Recordings

  • Revolver by The Beatles
  • Throwing Copper by Live
  • A compilation of Austrailian bands sent to me by my good friend Tippy