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The Bass Heads homepage

For those who prefer Acoustic Guitars!

Hello and welcome to the bass heads hompage!

I am the member of of a band called Whiplash. I play the bass in it and that is why many of my tunes involve the bass strings. I also play the Drums and a normal guitar.

The Lessons

All the lessons I have created have been by experementing with my normal guitar and my bass. Also I take a lot of tips from other people's lessons to try and make mine as popular as possible! When I don't create tab. I'll create some of the most addictive tunes in the groove builder, look out for them! My next aim is to make up my own tab. song, and after that play and sing 99 Red Ballons.

Musical Influences

  • Santana
  • Nena
  • Radiohead

Favorite Recordings

  • The national anthem, Kid A, Radiohead
  • Stuck in a Moment, U2
  • Clocks, Coldplay