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1976 Fender Telecaster deluxe


I am a rather seasoned guitarist with over 20 years playing experience in all styles of music. Ranging from classical to blues, to pop, to current metal styles. I love all forms of music, except teenie bopper pop, unless it has had the metal treatment.

My Toys

50th Anniversary Standard Stratocaster.
Rickenbacker 360/12 in Montezuma Brown
I have also just acquired a really Hot Gretsch Sparkle Jet with Bigsby etc. Will publish pics soon.
Vox AC30TB (Greenback), Behringer Vamp2. FCB1010 floorboard. Wharfdale 230w PA.
Other Bits:
Yamaha Alto Sax. SamsungX60 and Band in a Box version 11.
Zoom PS-04.

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Musical Influences

  • Steve Taylor
  • Audio Adrenaline
  • U2

Favorite Recordings

  • Newsboys - Thrive
  • Steve Taylor - Squint
  • Audio Adrenaline - Bloom