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I'd Rather Be Playing Guitar

I'm playing a Seagull S6+ Cedar

Musically Impaired?

I've always loved music, especially acoustic guitar. I grew up obsessed with sports so my musical experience is limited to playing the snare drum in 5th grade and falling off the top row of the risers in 8th grade chior.

Give Me Some Blues

I've been playing for a couple of years now. I'm becoming a big fan of the blues, so I'm trying to learn to play some acoustic, fingerstyle blues as well as some electric blues. I recommend John Ganapes' blues guitar books.

Musical Influences

  • Bruce Cockburn, Neil Young
  • Bill Mallonee, Mark Knopfler
  • and my friends who play guitar

Favorite Recordings

  • Dancing in the Dragons Jaws - Bruce Cockburn
  • Audible Sigh - Vigilantes of Love
  • Harvest Moon - Neil Young