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Hello all.

I used to play bass, now I play guitar and mandolin. I have started hotrodding both. I have finished a hotrodded Epiphone special II, and have now started in on a fender Tele repair/hotrod.

Confessions of a gear junkie.

Somebody help me, I can't stop buying gear. My wife is going to kill me.
:update: she's not killing me as long as the repair biz and hotrod biz keeps some money coming in to help offset the out.

Musical Influences

  • Cliff Burton; Kirk Hammet; James Hetfield; Brian May
  • EVH; Joe Perry; Slash; Zakk Wylde; Steve Morse
  • Chet Atkins; Merle Travis; Mr. Bill Monroe;Chris Thile

Favorite Recordings

  • Anyhting Metallica, Van Halen, Queen, or Aerosmith.
  • Any Prog Rock
  • Classic Country, Bluegrass, Rockabilly