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Greetings....from the Beach!

A little info...

I'm 38 and I've been playing for about 26 yrs. now. It all started in 1978, when my then next door neighbor, turned me on to Van Halens first album. That started this whole "life-long" journey.......of not only wanting to learn to play guitar....but wanting to play "well", too! I pretty much grew up in the height of the 80's, listening to all of the gunslingers of that era (Halen, Lynch, Rhoads, Bettencourt, DeMartini, Bratta, etc....).... When the 90's rolled around, seems everything got dark......moody! There was a lot of great music in this time, just the songs were not always about a party or a good time, anymore! Jerry Cantrell and Zakk Wylde quickly became HUGE influences, however, during this time. I listen to alot of different people, but what I tend to play sounds alot like the guys I just mentioned. I miss the "BIG AXE" of the 80's!!! You can keep the "Aqua-net" and Spandex....but bring back that axe anytime!!

Musical Influences

  • Eddie Van Halen
  • George Lynch
  • Jerry Cantrell

Favorite Recordings

  • Fair Warning
  • Sacred Groove
  • Venus Isle