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Hello to all


Hello my name is Agustin and I live in Argentina

I am a big fan of guitar music and rock, jazz and others.

I love the sound of progressive rock and well played guitar.

Ive been playing for 9 years, but i have too much to learn.

I Have three babies:

my hermosisima girlfriend and my two beautifull and gorgeus jacksons (6 string fusion plus and 7 string dx7).

I hope to learn many things in this excellent page.

See you soon, sarandanga!

Musical Influences

  • John Petrucci (the best of the world)
  • Steve Vai & Steve Morse
  • Santana, Carozo y Narizota, George Benson, Marty Friedman

Favorite Recordings

  • Erotomania -Dream theater
  • Greasy Kids Stuff -Vai
  • A change of seasons -Dream theater