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Jason Priest

My trip so far...

Like any teen in the 80's I started playing guitar with the intent on being the next Eddie, Randy, Satch etc..But I took a strange side trip that got me into some weird stuff like chords with b5#9 thingys and strange modes called super locrian! Believe it or not, listening to Prince opened my ears to Jazz. On one of his albums (Lovesexy) he had a song that had a little jazz run. No more than 4 bars, I played that run over and over until I nailed it.

The next step...

I figured if I liked what I was hearing in those four bars, why dont I buy a jazz album? I bought Wes Montgomerys "California Dreaming" album. And from that moment on, i've been attempting to play jazz (8 years now!) Some of my friends I play with don't understand why I like to play chords that hurt. I just tell them the more colors you have, the better your picture looks..or something to that effect :)

Musical Influences

  • Wes Montgomery
  • Prince
  • Coltrane

Favorite Recordings

  • Kind of Blue/Miles Davis,Coltrane
  • Sign O' the Times/Prince
  • anything by Jim Hall