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A brief history about me

Well, as you can see my name is Mark Ives, I was born in Liverpool, UK back on Febuary the 4th 1987 (that makes me nearly 16 now :p). My family moved here to a small town in North West Wales back in 1991 (i think...), and we've lived here ever since.

I'd one day like to get into a decent band and do a bit of touring, but currently i'm still at home still with my acoustic... once i feel comfortable on this thing i'll get around to buying an electric.

What i listen to

Korn, TRUSTcompany, Deftones, Hed PE, Orgy, Spineshank, Soulfly, Dope, Filter, Tool, A perfect circle, Nine inch nails, Yes, Audioslave, Rage against the machine, Pink floyd, Paradise lost... among others