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Levy Camp Moan

My musical intersts

I'm mainly into rock and blues but am always open to other areas. I'm not much into new blues [which does not count when BB puts out new work...i'm talkin this new age blues stuff], but i give it all a chance. I like delta blues alot and any down and gritty sounding blues, new or old.

Son House, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, SRV, James Cotton [i play some harp too], and many others i site as influences and musical heroes. Some old rockers like Hendrix and new ones like Billy Corgan and James Iha also heavily influence my playing and dwell in my speakers.

My guitars and gear

I've got 6 guitars at the time of this writing. They are as follows:

Ibanez PF5MS, blue [the party guitar]
Oscar Schmit [Washburns "Epiphone"] 12 string
Liberty Black Widow Resonator [my woman]

Gibson Chet Atkins SST, alpine white [ya, the "Dave" guitar]
Fender Strat, candy apple red w/goldflake, m.o.p. pickguard
74 Ibanez Artist, sunburst

BOSS PH-2 Super Phaser
BOSS DD-3 Digital Delay
BOSS SD-1 Super Overdrive
BOSS V-Wah Wah pedal

Amps: [fairly pitiful, but i'm working on it, i dont play gigs]
Fender Automatic PR 329 Combo
Marshall JTM 30 Combo
Marshall Lead 100 Head [and waiting on a Cab]

Musical Influences

  • Son House
  • Muddy Waters
  • SRV - [which i do NOT consider clich]