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Thumbpickers Paradise

Welcome everyone, would love to hear from anyone, especially thumbpickers. Like all music and play many different types. Presently in a band, but I play alone a lot. That makes playing finger style convenient since you play your own rythym. Like all guitars, especially Fender. I own 3. One 1972 Tele Thinline with humbuckers, one 1997 Tele Plus with Lace sensors and one 1997 Custom Shop Strat with Texas Specials. I have 3 amps. One 1970s Peavey Standard Head with cabinet that I made with a 15 in JBL, one Crate GTX 100 with 4 12in Celestions and one 1963 Fender Bassman with 2 12 in Jensens. I now own an Ibanex arch top electric.

Likes and dislikes.

I like most types of music. At least a little of almost every type of music. I guess I like the older styles a little better, but I guess everyone probably favors what they grew up with, at least a little more. I do like a lot of new music even though it all seems to be much more commercial than ever. But change is going to happen, so I just accept it and appreciate my memories.

Musical Influences

  • Chet Atkins, Merle Travis, Paul Yandel , Chuck Berry, Scotty Moore, James Burton , Johnny Smith , Joe Pass, Roy Nichols,
  • Leon Rhodes, Grady Martin, Hank Garland
  • Luiz Bonfa, The Ventures,Carlos MontoyaJohn Jorgensen, Andre Segovia

Favorite Recordings

  • All Guitar Music regardless of the style although I do have my favorites as you can see by my influences.
  • John Jorgengson

Favorite Lessons