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Facts you absolutely MUST know!

Born 1981, in Bosnia. Currently studying mathematics and IT at a local University (reflected in the technical bells and whistles on this page). I'd tell you about my other hobbies, but I hate everything that isn't guitar. And most of what is.

Guitar stuff

Have been playing on and off (more off than on) since 1991. That makes about 11 years or something. Sheesh. You'd think I'd learn to play by now.

Rig: Maison PG-460 electric guitar (shred type thingie), Peavey Prowler amp, a no-name steel string acoustic. My rig is even sparser than my homepage :)

As for music, hey I love to listen and play it all. From Iron Maiden to Metallica. LOL. Seriously, rock/metal, blues, fusion, jazz, classical, folk, experimental, funk, world music, country, even hip-hop and some electronic and techno stuff. But my playing is mostly on the instrumental rock side, often with a weird/humorous twist to it.

Musical Influences

  • The usual and a few unusual guitar gods of present and past
  • Local guys: Vlatko Stefanovski (of Leb I Sol), Rambo Amadeus, Miroslav Tadic, Radomir Mihajlovic Tocak of SMAK, Borko Mitic
  • Everyone here at WN

Favorite Recordings

  • Friday Night In SF
  • Stefanovski/Tadic - Krusevo (live in Belgrade)
  • Pink Floyd - The Wall