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I am a guitarist from Manchester in the UK. I am I suppose what could loosely be termed as a rock guitarist although recently I have tried to encompass Classical and Acoustic in to my style.


I am the big 40 and am still gigging regularly. I have done session work and have played all over the world during my career. I am just starting to wind down. I have used a massive range of equipment since I started gigging at the tender age of 14. But my present set up consits of the following: A blue jap squire telecaster, An 80's White squire Strat, I have owned since 1990, A black squire strat (new model) fitted with a Roland GK3 Synth pick up A Jackson Professional Fussion SS, A Marshall VS 100 combo, a Korg AX1000 processor. a Roland GR20 guitar synth. I also use midi a lot with an Apple Mac G5 dual 1.8, Digidesign 02 rack running pro tools LE and Reason, powerbook running M-box and protools LE and Reason, Focusrite Octepre, Behringer 4 channel headphone distributer, Rhode NK2 Valve mic, Tascam MD350 Pro minidisc. Live I use 4 Electrovoice SX100 Cabs and 2 Bose powered Sub bass units with a Soundcraft Spirit 600 powerstation.

Musical Influences

  • Ritchie Blackmore
  • Jimi hendrix
  • Eddie van Halen

Favorite Recordings

  • Wring that neck by Deep Purple
  • All along the watchtower by Jimi
  • Down to the waterline by Dire Straits