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Good Evening, I'm Jesse


I'm a red haired, skinny, glasses laden boy with acne. Why else would I want to play guitar ^_^. Seriously though... I've been playing almost 3 years now, and have progressed a good bit since I last did anything on this blasted site.

My Gear, and what I'm doing currently.

Welcome to the next paragraph, what took you so long???? Any way, here is my gear set-up( since I have nothing better to do anyway)
  • 1)Epiphone(gasp!) Special One

  • 2)Epiphone Studio 105 Amp(It's small, but loud)

  • 3)Kramer Nightswan with locking Floyd(Tuned One step down or drop-C)

  • 4)Zoom 505 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal(old version)

  • 5)D'Addario XL Strings(.011 to .049)but lately been using 13's

  • 6)Clayton picks(Anywhere from .80mm to, my favoret, 1.00mm)Also use nickles, quarters, and video game tokens(all for different sounds)

  • 7)Fender can amp(portable,mmmmm....)

    • I'm constantly moving ahead in my playing. I'm currently enrolled in my School's Jazz Band, and I have a lot of fun playing with those guys. I have a half stack now, and make good use of it ~.0 . Um... not much else. If you'd like to drop me a line, please feel free to do so :-)

Musical Influences

  • Primus, Incubus, Jamiroquai, System of a Down,
  • Mushroomhead, Dave Matthews Band, Fu Manchu
  • Clutch, Coal Chamber, Pearl Jam, S.M.O. Carlos Santana

Favorite Recordings

  • To many to name