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Hi Im Todd. I am getting started playing and I am really enjoying it. Like most guys, I am mainly playing to try and impress my wife, and making a little progress. I am experimenting with several different styles, jazz, rock, blues. Welcome one and all! My current gear includes a PRS Soapbar SE, a Taylor 410CE L30, acoustic/electric, a Martin DX1R, a Roland cube 30 amp, and a Marshall AVT50 amp. I am also currently playing an Fender Standard Tele and a Yamaha APX 5A-12 string. I have also recently picked up a Squier Jazz bass, and a Fender Acoustasonic 30 amp. Feel free to write with any questions about this equipment.

Musical Influences

  • The Edge
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Charlie Christian

Favorite Recordings

  • The Unforgetable Fire
  • Voodoo Child
  • Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan