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Douglas Hirsch

'Jazz Is Not Dead. It Just Smells Funny.' -- Frank Zappa

"Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, Amateurs built the ark; Professionals built the Titanic."-- Anonymous


Hello Fellow Musicians from a 60's Geezer.

After all these years of playing, it still causes the hair on my neck to stand up, when I hear that "lost chord", put forth by the great artists of our time.

My now 30 year old son, is happy grooving on his double-bass Tama Drum set and I am now introducing him to the likes of Billy Cobham, Tony Williams, Jack DeJohnette, Narada Michael Walden,Tony Royster Junior, Simon Phillips and Carmen Appice. Have to keep the love for music going in the family. Peace--"Doug Da Bug"


Having come up through the early 60's and from a musical family, I began studying guitar at age 7,after having received, Duane Eddie's "Twistin' and Twangin' " LP for my birthday. It was the time of the spring actuated reverb and tube amps, and that initial half-step bend on the intro, which has been so deeply incorporated by many guitarists. At age 13, I was given Jeff Beck's "Truth" Album, which introduced me to the "other side of the Atlantic Ocean". Caught up in the sounds of gut wrenching licks, and comical riffs of (Jeff's Boogie and "Mary had a little lamb"), the nuances of giving the music a sense of personification and identity encouraged me to listen, listen and listen to every snap, unintentional harmonic, string squeak, and plectrum scratch, I could sense. It was all music with purpose, to me. I took it a step further and added "Popeye the Sailor Man" and the Munster's theme to the "Boogie".

On the States side, it was the Vanilla Fudge and that great "Break Song". Tim Bogert, how did you do that? So my love of the bass was born. The cut "Oleo" on the first Cactus album, gave us bass players a groove to drive in. I now realize, Tim was the earliest bassist, harmonizing with 3rds, that are so often played by today's Jazz-Rock Fusion bassists. After hearing Birds of Fire and seeing John McLaughlin and The Mahavishnu Orchestra in 1971 at the Academy of Music in New York City, my thirst to learn the "jazz-rock" meld took hold.

It wasn't until years later that I heard Jaco's "Teen Town". He changed the way the bass was played and where it stood. Today his style is ubiquitous, an implied tribute.

Today I balance my time between all out improvisation, my continuous study of music theory, reading music and jamming with my son.

My Gear Crate GX1200H Full Stack Amplifier, Behringer Ultratwin GX212 Amplifier,Trace Elliot 715 Bass Combo Amplifier - 200 Watts, 1x15 with Tweeter,,Digitech RP200 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal, Digitech GNX3 GENETX Guitar Processor with 8 track digital recorder,Korg AX100G Modeling Guitar Floor Effects Processor, Roland GR-30 Guitar & Synth Roldand VG-99: V-Guitar System and GK-2AH Divided Pickup, D'ANDREA'S Snarling Dogs "The Super Bawl Whine-O-Wah", Danelectro Free Speech?Talk Box, Epiphone G-1275 Doubleneck Guitar Heritage Cherry 2002, Jeff Beck Signature Stratocaster, Surf Green, 2003, ROLAND READY Arctic White Stratocaster 2007, Squier Affinity Telecaster, Artic White, Maple Fretboard, 2002 using Roland MidiGK- 2AH Divided Pickup,Gibson Epiphone Les Paul Jr. Special-Platinum Finish, Epiphone 1963 Firebird Vintage Sunburst 2005, Fender Precision Fretless Bass, 1976, Jaco Pastorius Signature '62 Fretless Jazz Bass, Fender Custom Shop, Bass Centre L.A. 1987, Yamaha Fretless RBX270F Bass Guitar Mist Green 2004

"Life is a Spectrum. And what is music, but life itself."--Billy Cobham

Life is good........ Please visit my site and give a listen to a few pieces I wrote Click here:

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Musical Influences

  • John McLaughlin, Jeff Beck, Bill Connors, Allan Holdsworth,Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Johnny Winter, Stevie Ray,
  • Lee Ritenour, Paco DeLucia, Andre Segovia, Django,Robin Trowers,Junior Brown,Tony Williams,Billy Cobham, Narada Michael Walden
  • Jaco Pastorious, Stanley Clarke, Jonas Hellborg, Ralphe Armstrong, Jerry Goodman,Joey DeFrancesco, Jan Hammer,Michel Camillo,

Favorite Recordings

  • Birds of Fire, Spectrum, Truth, Second Winter, Wired, Blow by Blow, Johnny McLaughlin Electric Guitarist, Led Zeppelin III,Heavy Weather,
  • The First Seven Days, Overnight Sensation, Are You Experienced?, Rainbow Bridge, Twistin' and Twangin'
  • Celestrial Terrestrial Commuters,Goodbye Pork Pie Hat, Snake Oil, Some Skunk Funk, Itsbynne Reel, Lopsy Lu, Teen Town, Birdland, A Remark That You Made, Trilogy, Oleo,New York On My Mind