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guitar in process


Welcome. Hmm what to say? Well, I'm a newly reintroducted player (4yr) but started 25+ years ago. I took lessons for a couple years when ~8 then stopped cold and only picked up a guitar every once and a while during assorted college stays. Now I pretty much play 1-3 h a day... My record/CD (notice the word record) collection is all 60 to late 80s stuff so that is the music I butcher. I like fingerpicking but few songs I know well enough to play. I like the newer Rock stuff since I recently spent some time on campus....


I have my 25+ year old Sigma Acoustic from my early days, a 48th street Fender strat (EMG active ssh, with on/off switch,MIM, candy apple red)a 70S 355 like Epiphone, a Fretlight and the guitar I built. I have a Vox AD60VT and a Tascam GT-1. Lately I have been trying to figure out scales and modes ect. Really just playing for fun. I have considered finding someone to play a bit with... I put about a year into a guitar project. (parttime) I started with scrap wood and a purchased neck. It looks pretty good.

Musical Influences

  • Rush
  • stones
  • hendrix

Favorite Recordings

  • Rush-limelight
  • brown sugar
  • hey joe