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Ya don't wanna see a pic!! Trust me , ya wouldn't

'Bout Me:

I teach Guitar and Bass in Queensland, Australia. I aint saying how old I am, but I'll give you a clue. I can grow hair out of my ears and nose better than on my head. Looks like shaving brushes if I don't trim it regular. So I'm cracking on a few years, and my music tastes probably reflect that a little too. I love blues, country, 60's and 70's rock. I'm partial to a bit of classical when I'm in the mood, Anything that is musically tasteful, and not just loud.

'Bout my equipment:

Yamaha EMX 640 300w amplifier {makes more noise than the US Missouri firing a broadside of her 16" guns when it's bridged to 600w!} - Ovation Custom Legend 6 string ac/elec. - Ovation 12 string ac/elec. - Peavey T60 elec. - Takamine EF340 6 string ac/elec. - Gibson thunderbird passive bass. - J & D active bass {cheapy but goodie}. - Laney 200w bass amp. - and an old Sammick banjo -yee Haa!

Musical Influences

  • Eric Clapton - Nathan East [bass]
  • Chet Atkins
  • Merle Travis

Favorite Recordings

  • Eric Clapton & Friends [The Crossroads DVD] - Clapton/East together ! gotta be the best.
  • Hell freezes over - Eagles