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Medtar 2004

2004 Mission Statement

Dear Friends at, Snow City Arts Foundation, WholeNote, Active Bass, Liquid Generation, WDRV CHICAGO ,WRIV NYand across the USA, in Canada, and Europe and around the world,

You have been hearing about Medtar from me all year long, and many of you out there have visited the website, added Medtar to your web site or written to me and ended up even donating guitars :-). I want to thank you all for the support you have shown me. As a result, Medtar has had its most successful year to date, since we started receiving donated guitars nearly 5 years ago and giving them to kids who are struggling with medical problems.

2003, We received a total of 33 guitars, one signed by Jeff Beck. When a guitar is donated, it gets set up by me or one of several luthiers I work with. Some of the guitars are kids guitars, some are hot like the White Telecaster or Bright Red Ibenez two of you who contacted me through WholeNote sent, and some are the first guitar that you musicians started playing on when you were a kid. All of them are pre-loved and will go on to make someone else happy and hopefully start them on the greatest personal relationship of a lifetime. Your generosity is outstanding, and I hope you know that you are helping the kids in the hospital who receive these guitars to start on a new course in life with their very own guitar, one which they couldn't afford on their own.

Medtar has also been the primary donor of used CD's for the kids to listen to and children's VHS tapes for the kids to watch while hospitalized. This has led to the creation of a library with 1,300 + items to select from. We are accepting donations of CDs and tapes all the time, and welcome many more.

Many of you dont have guitars or CDs or VHS tapes to send, but I have been asked if there is another way you can contribute to Medtar, and there is. Medtar welcomes monetary donations that will help us support and expand our programs. Increasing our budget will mean that we can actually pay our luthiers for their work, pay for guitars to be shipped to us, and pay our expenses in marketing Medtar to more people. We truly appreciate any amount because it can really make a difference, from $10 to $100 to more.

Our plans for 2004 include some new goals; We want to bring in a guitar a week. We want to reach lots of kids, and double our number of drop-off points, from five to ten. We also want to get some local and national acts to stop buy the hospital on weekend afternoons and share their faith, hope, and inspiration with the kids well enough to come out of their rooms to enjoy the act. We are excited about the future possibilities, and we would like you to be a part of it. Your support is truly appreciated.

If you want to make a monetary contribution, please send a check to:

Medtar/Rex Jones 469 Cambridge Way Bolingbrook, IL 60440

If you want to send a pre-loved guitar, CDs or VHS tapes, send them to:

Disk Replay (for Medtar) 1001 W. 75th St (SW corner Lemont and 75th) Woodridge, IL 60517 (630) 985-9676

If you have an act you think the kids would enjoy on a weekend afternoon.

I can cover your parking ;-)

Call me.

Medtar/Rex Jones (630) 739-9833

Know that you are supporting a wonderful cause that is dear to my heart, and I hope to yours. Thank you so much! God bless and keep you all!

Rex Jones Director/Medtar

2003 Mission Statement 2002 Mission Statement

The music library is almost full!

Thanks to you it's growing! We are around 1,000+++ C.D.s strong now. If you don't have an extra guitar to donate, how about one or two of your favorite used C.D.s! Thats also shairing the gift of music. In the arms of these kids is the coolest home I can think of for preloved guitars! We need more so please help if you can! Pass this on to the people you think can help if you will. Thank you Below are some of the music influences in my life, I hope they bring you joy too!!! Your Charming and Delightfull, OL' Uncle Rex

Remember to check out Medtar Dot Com before leaving!

Musical Influences

  • Roy Buchanan, Danny Gatton, Santana, Eddie Van Halen
  • Jeff Beck, Robin Trower, Gary Moore, Walter Trout
  • Jose Feleciano, Glen Cambell, Tom Waits

Favorite Recordings

  • Monte Montgomery "Mirror" (Good Stuff!)
  • Danny Gatton Relentless, Anita Baker Rapture
  • Joni Mitchell's Greatest Hits, Tom Waits Blue Valentine

Favorite Lessons