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Frederick Burton/Jazz Guitarist/Musician

FHi there and welcome to my page. My name is William Frederick Burton and I've been playing for about 15-16 years now. Just a little about me: I'm a 33 year old Afro American who was born and raised in Philadelphia. I started playing guitar at roughly about 15 years of age but did not pursue seriously until the age of 21. I studied under Philly's jazz guitarist great, Jimmy Bruno at the Community College of Philadelphia where I graduated with an Associates Degree where I then transfered to Rowan University in New Jersey in pursuit of my BA studying under another local great Joe Federico. I also teach privately from my home and for the past three years at Philadelphia's Mill Creek Jazz Society. Hopefully my input at Wholenote can improve everyones playing and musical ability.


Influences: Jimmy Bruno(guitarist), Joe Federico(guitarist), Dennis DiBlasio (sax), Gerald Price(pianist), and the list can go on and on. What I really learned from these guys is how to make the music do all of the talking. Image isn't everything. These guys are so low-keyed and unpretentious and they know how to have fun while playing. I really try to enforce that with my students.

Musical Influences

  • Jimmy Bruno- Scott Henderson- Johnny Smith
  • Bela Bartok- Dave Brubeck- Hank Garland-
  • John Petrucci-Eric Dolphy- Mundell Lowe

Favorite Recordings

  • Pat Martino- "Consciousness"
  • Scott Henderson- "Tribal Tech"
  • Hank Garland- "Jazz from a new direction.."