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Don't now alot but am learning more

This is me

Hey guys. Thanks for checking this out. I live on a island in Wa. and am currently taking lessons (from a real live person) My goal is to become a really good player of all styles though I really love blues and jazz. I really like to gam though I still have alot to learn. Any help anybody can give is great and I hope to help you with what I can.


Acoustic: Hondo clasical (old--first guitar) Blueridge (old but great tone) I really love this guitar.

Electric: Fender Super Strat (first electric)...Has a special place in my heart though I don't play it enough.

Epiphone DOT I just got this about 3 months ago (wanted a ES-335 but could not afford it though this is really the next best thing) This guitar is currently wearing the crown of being my favotare stick.

Amp: Fender Hot Rod Deville 410 Fender Blues Jr. (I am a sucker for the tube)

Musical Influences

  • Every thing from Django Reinhart to Jerry Garcia