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Hi Everyone! My name is Bruce Jones and I am a forty year old father of three. I'm an intermediate level player who likes to try to play way above his head through long, blues and jazz based psychedelic jams, usually based upon the songs of The Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers, or other appropriate dinosaur bands. Our band, The Froggs has recently met it's demise due to the ongoing tinnitus of our bass player and golf addiction of our other guitarist, so I'm currently woodshedding as much as possible. I also work as sound man for my friend's bands whenever we gig together.

Musical Influences

  • Jimmy Page, Jerry Garcia, Jeff Beck,George Harrison
  • Robben Ford, Warren Haynes,Santana, James Brown
  • Hendrix,SRV, Fripp, Miles Davis, Zappa

Favorite Recordings

  • Physical Graffiti, Bitches Brew,
  • Band Of Gypsies/Fillmore concerts,
  • Any Smokin' Live Grateful Dead