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I am 26 and just getting started on guitar. I borrowed a friends bass guitar for a while and realy like playing bass. But since acoustics are cheaper and easier to sing along with, my wife wanted me to get an acoustic. I got the tried to get the best guitar given my budget and am really happy with my Horner. It has a very nice sound and looks pretty cool. We sing hymns and I have fun picking out melodies to my favorites. I am really having fun and getting used to the numb fingers.

About Me

As a mechanical engineer raised on a farm, I am inclined to be a "do-it-yourself" type person. I read alot and really get into gathering as much information as possible about my hobbies. I spent quite a bit of time reasearching guitar construction long before I saved the money to buy one. The first thing that I did after getting my guitar was lower the action. My goal right now is to build my own electric bass guitar. Check my homepage at