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Hi Im Terrance, thank you for takeing the time to visit my homepage.

I live in CA, (LA area) I have been playing guitar for 2 1/2 years now, and I'm loveing it,I like meny types of music, including Grass roots, jazz, funk, rock, blue grass, swing, classical, flaminco, not country music though. :-) I would also like to start playing proffesionaly, or with an audience of more than friends. So if your interested in jaming e- mail me at Ps 20 years old, you can visit my webage at

my (music) equimpent

Ibanez performance acoustic/electric w/ fishman pick ups:-) 100w Peavy 112 ecoustic amp. mic and stand. nylon string guitar and cheep fender nock of electric.

Musical Influences

  • Dave Mathews Band & Tim Reynolds
  • Beatles
  • Tim Reynolds

Favorite Recordings

  • Stream by Tim Reynolds
  • anything live by DMB
  • BNL greatest hits album