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Hello and Welcome to my Homepage

Hello to all you experianced and inexperianced guitarists, my name is Doni Bieler. I live in PA and i am fairly new to the world of playing and making music, i have been playing for about a yr and a half now. i have only really learned how to play about 3 songs but i have started to get more into writing my own. but i like everything from classical music to some r&b and some rap but i mainly listen to classic rock and alternative. when i get time i will put a few pics of myself and my guitar and a cool project that i did with an old gun cabinet. (I turned the cabinet into a cool display case for my guitar by putting a wall hanger on the inside, plus it gives me extra space to store music books and other stuff pertaining to music, well for the guitar anyways.


learn to finger pick as well as struming oh and yeah learn how to count it will help i swear and LEARN YOUR FRETBOARD AND YOUR MUSICAL NOTATION, and learn your basics of the guitar before you try and trick youself into thinking you can learn theory. boy has doug mcmullen conveyed this message to me as of recently in the threads i have posted oh ps have fun with your learning and if you have a question ask someone on here they are more than willing to help believe me, oh another things greatness comes slowly over time so be patient. ( im just now starting to understand that )

Musical Influences

  • clapton,bb king,staind,james taylor, the beatles
  • nickleback,metallica,nirvana, the doors,
  • of course my friends on here + the ones i see on a daily basis in the real world that help keep my motivation to play and learn

Favorite Recordings

  • one , classical gas, layla,tears in heaven,
  • carolina in my mind,sweet baby james, somethin in the way she moves
  • i am the walrus,magical mystery tour, hello goodbye