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Hello everyone.

I'm Ollie age 16 and i play guitar, I have a yamaha eg-112 strat looking guitar in gloss black, a 10 watt mashall amp and a zoom gfx-707 gtr fx unit. On the computer i have Sound forge VEGAS (unlimited track recorder) which is all great stuff. I've recently bought a second hand guitar that appears to have fallen from space which ive done up in a mettalic blue with black hardwear, nice.

So what do i dig

Iv,e been playing since Jan 2001. I like playing hendrix stuff, i can play parts to about 30 of his songs, I mostly enjoy improvising blues and rock and ive just been getting more into the rythm side of things. i love the 60,s scene and phsycadelic music. i am also in to recording my stuff playing all instruments into a multitrack, (gitr, drums, blues harp, vocals, lead gitr and anythin else that makes a purdy sound. I have collected about 200 or more hendrix songs and love listening to music. Feel free to e-mail me

Musical Influences

  • Jimi Hendrix
  • All the good 60,s bands
  • Nirvana, Zeppelin, other rock and blues greats.

Favorite Recordings

  • All the Hendrix stuff
  • My 60,s collection
  • Ones that i make coz i like making them.