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I mostly suck at bass, but occasionally I suck at guitar. I've got a sweet DeArmond M65-C with a Duncan Invader at the bridge, combined with a DeArmond Goldtone humbucker at the neck, I get this really sweet creamy distortion. It rocks the casbah. I also have an Oscar Schmidt (Import series by Washburn) OE-30B Semi Hollow, which is a bolt on neck ES335 rip off. I put in a Duncan Designed Detonator, and the neck pickup from my DeArmond M65-C, and it sounds really sweet, strung with Ernie Ball .10's. My amp is a Marshall MG-15MS Ministack. the 15W head on the 2 1x10" cabs. Its, uhh.....cute. I also have a Vox AC1 for quiet time strumming, which also rocks for a 1w amp.

Musical Influences

  • Sadly, Tom Delonge
  • Joe Strummer
  • People who realize Tele's and LPs are the best guitars....