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Chet Feathers

Welcome! This is probably more info that you would care to know.

I'm a 50 year old Guitarist/Bassist. I don't play in a band and probably never will. Music is just a hobby for me.

In grade and middle school I played Clarinet, Alto Sax, and Tenor Sax, but I attempted to ocassionally play Trumpet and Drums also. During my early High School years I continued to play Alto and Tenor Sax and sometimes got to play the Baritone and Soprano Saxes, At this time I also started to play some Guitar and was briefly introduced to Bass Guitar. I played Guitar for my own enjoyment through the next few years. When I was about 25 I just lost interest in music altogether. Now I'm back. I bought a Jay Turser Beatle Bass and an Epiphone Special II, along with a Yamaha Keyboard (I always wanted to learn keyboard)late last year and have been having a blast getting back into it. I decided to make my Epiphone Special II a project guitar to see what kind of modifications I could do on guitars, Well, I had to buy another Guitar to play while I was working on that one so I bought an Epiphone Les Paul Standard. The project is on hold while I wait for back-ordered parts. UPDATE: The Epiphone Special II project is almost finished, all the parts are installed and wiring is next. I also have added to my equipment: Fender MIM Standard Strat Jay Turser JT-135 ESP LTD B-104 Bass Fender DG16LH 6 string Acoustic Squier MIC Standard Strat Agile HRB-200 A/E Fender MIM Standard Telecaster Gretsch 6119LH Tennessee Rose Takamine EAN40C-12LH 12 string A/E Gibson SG Special Gibson LP Studio Schecter C-1 E/A Rickenbacker 370/12 Burns Brian May Signature Model Ovation LCS247 Martin Steel String Backpacker Martin Backpacker Mandolin Martin Backpacker Ukelele Agile HE 30B A/E Bass Guitar Marshall AVT50 Marshall AS50R VOX VBM1 VOX Cambridge Peavey Classic 20 Tube amp Peavey Audition Chorus Amp Peavey Rage 158 Amp ZOOM Fire 30 Amp Fender Frontman 60B Bass Amp VOX Clyde McCoy Wah Boss TU-2 Audio-Technica Wireless Guitar System

I had forgotten how long it had been since I updated my gear here. I have left the old list up and will now list what I currently have.

2006 Fender Highway 1 Strat 2006 Gibson CS-336 (On Order) 2001 Gibson LP Standard 1986 Fender MIJ 72RI Strat Jay Turser JTB-2B Bass Agile HRB-200 A/E Agile A/E Bass

Fender Blues Jr. (Custom made 2x12 Combo Cabinet with Scumback Speakers)

BOSS JS5 Jam Station Yamaha Keyboard

Musical Influences

  • Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Gary Moore