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Long Live 80's rock.

Hello fellow Wholenoters

This is going to be a pretty basic page. I found this web site in April 2002 and can't believe how cool it is. The lessons are awsome, thanks to everyone for all the good input.


I started playing guitar in 1991 in college. A good friend was in a band, showed me some licks and chords, and that was it. First guitar: Ibanez ex140. Got it for 180 bucks brand new (WITH a gig bag). Recently just got a new Gibson studio gothic. I like it more and more every day.

Looking to learn some music theory stuff, instead of all tab. Played the oboe in school for a few years and got a basic grasp of reading music, but thats it. If you guys see any good lessons on here shoot 'em my way!

Musical Influences

  • Page, Vai, Angus
  • My friend Lance
  • Aerosmith, Johnny Cash

Favorite Recordings

  • any and all Led Zep
  • All 80's, Aero smith, Skid Row, Candlebox, Poison, Great White
  • All the new 90's grunge (Godsmack, Creed, Korn, Alice in Chains, etc)