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Why are you looking at this?

By day I'm a biochemist, by night I play guitar unless a video game grabs me for the evening. I guess my afore mentioned analytical mind sometimes gets in the way with my "artistic" expression but I work with what I'm given. I've been trying to master this addictive instrument since 1999 or so. I guess that's why I like to play so much: I play because it's challenging and I'll never completely understand this smoothe, glossy instrument made of wood, wire and a few plastic bits. Currently I'm trying so very hard to get away from the boring old power chords and discover 11ths, 9ths, augmented fiths, and anything else to add more color to my music. I'm also trying to *somehow* get the lead parts that bounce around inside my head to get to my fingers? Can someone please tell me how?!! I think my fingers are deaf. Either that or they're broken. Artists like EVH seem to have no trouble whereas I go plink, plink, plank, ahhhh fu....

Recomended Books.

How to Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great! by Dan Erlewine ***** Scales and Modes For Guitar: by Cliff Douse * Giants of Blues: by Neville Martin ** Edly's Music Theory for Practical People (2nd ed. or later): by Ed Roseman ***** Understanding Guitar Chords: by Bob Balsley ***** (slow but advanced is best I'v found)***** ****

Musical Influences

  • Classic Rock (Led Zep, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, etc.)
  • Muddy Waters, Paco de Lucia, Sergio y Odair Assad
  • Tool, Godsmack, System of a Down

Favorite Recordings

  • Tool: Aenima/ Megadeath: Almost Honest
  • Sergio y Odair Assad Play Piazzola
  • Van Halen, Humans Being