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Ansel Whatley

Put down all that Macho s--- and learn how to play a Guitar! Play Guitar!

Thanks for surfing by my homepage. As you can tell I have been playing guitar off and on for a long time. Started in the sixth grade when the music teacher at school offered free lessons to anyone that could get access to a guitar. There were four of us that had to play in front of the school assembly for a teacher's going away party. Three girls and I had to play and sing "You're So Vain" by Carly Simon.


I currently have five guitars in my collection. All acoustics at the moment but I hope to pick up an electric soon. I still have the guitar that I got to take the lessons in the sixth grade. It's in pretty bad shape though. I have an Alvarez 5023 that I got in 1978. It's the rosewood and spruce model that they discontinued soon afterwards. It's still in excellent shape considering it's 22 years old. I have a Martin HD28 that I bought in 1997. It's really plays like butter. It probably is the easiest to play of all my guitars. I have an Applause AA13 3/4 size guitar. It actually belongs to my daughter but I play it more than she does. My favorite guitar is my Collings D-3 with the Style 42 appointments. Bill Collings and his crew do a wonderful job down in Austin,TX. If you haven't played a Collings you should make it a point to try one out at your earliest convenience. You'll never regret it! I play plugged in using a Shadow soundhole pickup on my Martin HD28. I use an acoustic amplifier with a Shure SM48 mike. Nothing too fancy, just your basic gear.

Musical Influences

  • Jimmy Buffett
  • Eagles
  • Eric Clapton

Favorite Recordings

  • Hotel California
  • MTV Unplugged - Clapton
  • Santana Supernatural