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can think of anything good for this, so ill leave it as this

Whats up fellow heavy metal lovers

My name is alan jordan. im 15, and untaken ladies(but i do have someone in mind). i love anything from rock to metal, and anything else i can play on my guitar.own a peavy raptor plus with a rage 180 peavey( distortion is fun) .i live in Goldsboro N.C.( redneck central ). Its pretty borin around here, i mean the biggest theater is 4 screens. there are only two guitat shops, but alot of people play, so its real easy to get into. I started about March 14 , and i love it.


im 5"11, have black with red streaks,at the time of this( 6-30-02 ) and thats about me. i like things other than heavy metal, but i like to play metal on my guitar. i love nirvana, spineshank, godsmack, earshot, third strike, drowning pool, disturbed and many others. rob zombie is cool to. i like to skate, play my guitar, listen to music, and hang out. i guess thats about me. i live in goldsboro N.C., in case it doesnt say anywhere else . I was born i august, so most people are older than me, being in the ninth grade

Musical Influences

  • Mike Sarkisyan (spineshank), Daron Malakian(SOAD), and Meegs Rascon(coal chamber).
  • Matt Hart and Megan O'Nyon
  • this guy deserves a line to himself, DJ Ashba

Favorite Recordings

  • anything by coal chamber
  • anything by spineshank
  • anything by soad