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Hello, and welcome !!!

Hello and welcome to my home page.

My name is Dan and i was born in the small town of Vincennes,Indiana on 12/31/74.I've always been around music,having a father,two uncles,and a cousin who all play the guitar.So,I geuss it was written that i should also.While they are all mainly country and oldies rock-n-roll,i fell in love with the bone crushing distortion of metal.Which,ironically was introduced to me by my non playing cousin.Randy Rhoads and Yngwie Malmsteen got me into classical,which i'm currently working on a degree in, in college.


GUITARS- I use and abuse Jackson guitars,Charvel acoustics.

AMP- Marshall dsl 100 with 1960 4/12 cabs.

Effects- Zoom 505 MK2.

Musical Influences

  • randy rhoads
  • yngwie malmsteen
  • dave mustaine

Favorite Recordings

  • ozzy osbourne - blizzard of ozz
  • yngwie malmsteen - marching out
  • megadeth - rust in piece