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THAT'S RIGHT! Derrick Morgan, everyone.

What a cool picture. I wish it was me...

Not the godfather of ska, I'm the other one.

Hi everybody! I'm Derrick and this here's my little wholenote home.

For real, though.

Oddly enough, I really like to play the guitar. I also really hate to practice. This torturous dichotomy has allowed me to continue my dream job as a medium level functionary by day, and high level functionary as the bald guy in that cover band for free beer and occasional conversation on the weekends for lo these last 15 years. Other than that I pretty much never leave the house. I haven't visited much in awhile, but I'm glad the site's still going strong. I've always been able to get useful answers to questions, and when I make the time to really look at everything I'm always impressed and usually learn something. Bear with me below; I'm gonna try and stream-of-consciousness type as many musical influences as I can before I run out of room. It ain't all guitar players. I hope you can forgive me for that and still let me post and read reviews and stuff.

Musical Influences

  • setzer vai vaughan van halen bowser bobby darin dino elvis johnny cash spinal tap
  • andy summers stewart copeland zeppelin zz top chet atkins tommy emmanuel the guy on "rock around the clock" dave fox tim davis
  • billy vaughan steve matney jd sams joey fagan jeremy jennings j.b. prince dlamirand jeff morgan and my sainted mother

Favorite Recordings

  • This is another big one. Most of the Sun Session Elvis tracks; any and all Police, a lot of Rush, most Led Zeppelin
  • Mother's Milk and BSSM; Chili Peppers, "Girls" by the Beastie Boyz (or whatever the hell it's called) the Love Boat Theme, Mack the Knife (Bobby D.), Black Betty, Frankenstein, All of The Wall, Vai: The Audience is Listening, Ballerina, Yai-Yai
  • Live Tommy Emmanuel doing "DayTripper/Lady Madonna" solo acoustic, all DLR Van Halen, The song the frog sang in that old cartoon - Hello my baby, etc