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Fretless guitar, software and other noisemakers.


Fretless electric guitar by Doug Holt (Yay Doug!) Live and live recording, Zoom 505 multieffect and cv pedal, Morley volume/wah/distortion pedal, Digitech SynthWah pedal, Tech 21 TriOD pedal. Recording projects, all kinds of VST effects and amp sims, also VST instruments. Balalaika.

Musical Influences

  • Blues giants and their guitar sidemen
  • Bill Connors, Adrian Belew, David Torn, Alan Holdsworth, et al
  • Electric guitarists who prefer fretless fingerboards

Favorite Recordings

  • Wolf sides, all the Kings, all the various recordings of the artists I listed as influences
  • Hendrix classics, a box I have called 40 years of the Monterrey Jazz Festival, all jazz standards
  • Mysterious Traveller have a track called "Dream Spy"