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Anyone want to form a band?

Hi, all, Thinking about forming a band, sort of rock/country/folk, doing original stuff, and covering material from James Taylor, The Beatles, Melissa Ethridge, Dave Matthews, etc. If you're interested, drop me a line, and we can talk, and maybe get together and jam and trade songs. I have mp3s and a demo CD if you're interested in hearing my stuff.

What I Do

I'm a small town boy living in the Big Apple. Love living in NYC, but being from Montana, I miss the mountains, and periodically have to go home for a "fix."

I write my own songs, and have even had a chance to play/sing them in a couple public venues here in NYC, most recently in a production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. I've now done three shows for this acting company (Bottom's Dream Arts), and in each case I've been asked to write/perform music for the shows. (Did I mention I'm also an actor? Have an MFA in Theatre, but right now I'm more interested in my guitar, learning more about how to play it, and writing songs).

I'm currently studying guitar with Ronnie Lee (some of you may have seen some of his method books), and am learning advanced jazz chords, flatpicking (and sight-reading), and have just started blues guitar. Though I enjoy listening to jazz, it hasn't affected my playing much yet. I'm very good at what I can do, but jazz is a little out of my league right now. My influences below, therefore, don't necessarily reflect my current song-writing. My stuff tends to sound like a mix of James Taylor and Joni Mitchell.

Musical Influences

  • James Taylor, The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Dave Matthews Band
  • Melissa Ethridge, REM, Jim Croce, John Denver
  • Chick Corea, Al DiMeola, Bartok, Paco De Lucia, Laurie Anderson

Favorite Recordings

  • Laurie Anderson: Strange Angels, United States
  • James Taylor: Hourglass, Greatest Hits; Beatles: White Album, Rubber Soul
  • Melissa Ethridge: Breakdown, Brave and Crazy; Dave Matthews Band: Under the table & dreaming, Everyday