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Chris Davis

About Me

My name is Christopher Davis. Currently I am a Classical Guitar Performance major at Drake University, studying with Phil DeLong.

My main musical interests are guitar pedagogy, modern tonal music, various guitar composers (from all sorts of time periods), and jazz music.

I began guitar as an electric player, and one who was very into Black Sabbath and Metallica. As time progressed I became more interested in theory, and eventually I decided that I wanted to make music my career. I applied, and, luckly, got into a music program. For the past two years I've been studying classical guitar exclusively, and next semester I will begin jazz guitar study.

The Gear & musical influences

My electric rig consists of a lot of rack gear that doesn't get used too often and a a few guitars. A 89ish Kramer Nightswan and a Epiphone Sheraton II. I play a Kenny Hill New World Madrid classical guitar.

Musical Influences

  • Bach
  • John Williams, guitarist
  • many jazz artists

Favorite Recordings

  • La Catedral -Augustin Barrios
  • Windjammer -Grant Green
  • El Decameron Negro -Leo Brouwer (as recorded by John Williams)