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Hey fello 6 stringers!! My name is Mike , avid guitar player... I've been playing or 20 yrs, I own 12 electrics, 4 acoustics,and I use twin marshalls for amps. I bought Kiss Alive in the fourth grade, and knew my calling. It wasn't until I heard Eruption that I really became interested, and Eddie was my biggest influence for a long time. I like almost all styles of the instrument and playing guitar has greatly enriched my life. My current band is tooling up and we should be out there soon!!!

My Gear...

First gutar I ever bought was a Memphis Les Paul,n I wish I still had it! First amp was an old P.V. Renown great beginner amp! Then I got real... here's what I am currently using: Washburn A-10v American, (great axe, my parents freaked when I spent a grand at 15 yrs of age), Ibanez rg series w/ Seymore Invader, Floyd rose, Charvel Model 2 Emg loaded, Floyd/Jackson bridge,painted it myself, killer axe!!!,Jackson Reverse head stock with a Kramer body emg's Floyd Rose painted this one too,Jackson Soloist, my pride n joy, you couldn't ask for a better guitar right outta the box!!!,Ibanez Randy Rhoads V copy, plays alright The guys in my band like it alot! Black Explorer, always wanted an Exlporer, feels awesome sounds killer, a little heavy! Schecter 7 string, strat style, twin hummers floyd bridge, great guitar,... you wanna talk chunk??? My acoustics are: Guild model D-15n big body cost$1500 and worth every single penny, I can't say enough about it, Ovation 12 srting, a friend had it laying around and she GAVE it too me cheap! Carlos classical a free-bee from a friend who took a couple lessons then stuck it in the attic for yrs!!!I use a Digitech Twin Tube currently and am real happy with it, I also have Gsp-21 legend, Roland GP-8, Gp-16,Ada Mp-1, ME-5 etc... My outboard gear consists of: Dunlop Wah, Ross distortion , Boss flanger,chorus, harmonizer,Auto Wah, and a homemade Voice box.I run all that( not all at the same time of course) through Twin JCM 800 Master Volumes, one vintage cab with 30 watt Celestions, Two 1960's w/ 75 watt celestions, and one 1960A with 65 watt celestions, are you jealous?!?!:)

Musical Influences

  • Eddie Van Halen
  • Dream Theater
  • Jimi Hendrix

Favorite Recordings

  • Van Halen, All the D.L.R. stuff
  • Dream Theater, Images And Words
  • Led Zepplin III, Zep 1...hell I like it all!!!