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Life is a lemon and i want my money back!

My name is jonathan and im an.......................

Guitarist thats been playing for a yr and 2 months, i am a 21 yr old marine stationed at cherry point n.c. My only real hobby is music, guitar, playing guitar, lokking at guitar, and drinking beer, and women. My influences range from guns n roses(slash), ozzy, coutning crows, doors, pink floyd, alice in chains, 7 mary 3, strokes, type o negative, hendrix, van halen, pearl jam, metallica, korn, dire straits, smashing pumpkins, marylin manson, the cure, beastie boys, radiohead, NIN, Journey, Poison, Queensryche, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Def leppard, Chris Issak, Scorpions, and lynyrd skynyrd. One day will go to college, and then become a bum and be in a band and have fun. Then i will probably get a real job get married have a couple of kids and live somewhat happily ever after.

My gear

not much, but working on it. Guitars include a MIJ strat, ibanez gax70. Pedals, vox V847 whah, boss ds2. Amps, Marshall valvestate2000 AVT150, and a Crate 15r. thats all for now.

Musical Influences

  • slash
  • hendrix
  • jerry cantrell

Favorite Recordings

  • sweet child o mine, G n R
  • comftorbally numb, Pink Floyd
  • rain when i die, alice in chains