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Jayson McConnell

Welcome...I think that this site is a fantastic opportunity for all who come to learn. I can only dream how my playing would be if I had something like this available to me in the earlier years of my musical experiences.

I hope that the information I post will help to develop a broader understanding of music theories in a very applicable way to real playing situations. There's a ton of info out there, but much of it is very difficult to apply. I hope to bridge some of these gaps so that real musical experiences are available to everyone.


I've been holding the guitar for about 15 years but playing really only for 9 or 10. I play all the music I love and I believe this has helped me see the connectivity in all music, regardless of style, genre, or label. I have studied theory, composition and technique extensively by myself and by throwing myself into playing situations that were, and are, way over my head...namely jazz related projects. The old school of getting your a-- kicked in front of listeners and musicians is a tried-and-true method for learning to communicate through your instrument. Book yourself!

MAGIC is what we do....
MUSIC is how we do it!

Musical Influences

  • Pat Metheny, Chick Corea, Abdullah Ibrahim, Stan Getz, MMW, Herbie Hancock

  • Trey Anastasio, Joshua Redman, Charlie Byrd, Joe Pass, John Coltrane, Michael Ray,

  • Miles Davis, Jimmy Bruno, Jerry, Robert Randolph, Pat Metheny, Jaco, Bob Moses, Django

Favorite Recordings

  • Bright Size Life - Metheny

  • Return to Forever w/ Chick Corea & Stanley Clarke

  • A Tribute to Jack Johnson - Miles Davis