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What's it all about ?


Hello to all, I'm a thirty something Brit who has been playing guitar for 6 months. I have never played a musical instrument but have sung in choirs and bands in the past. I am now learning from scratch and by myself with the aim of acheiving a level of playing good enough to play in local bands. I have listened to Rock and Metal since the age of 13 and this genre forms the basis of my playing. I'm amazed at the sheer size of the guitar community on-line and the resources have proved invaluable in my learning. So all you guitar gods keep posting the lessons,tabs, and reviews to help us guitar goofs get better!!! Other interests include Photography, Sport (all and any)


I started playing on a Squier Strat small practice base amp. These were unwanted presents that my son forgot about.(We are now learning together !!!) In the last month I brought a Cort X6 which was on offer and looked to be one of the best buys in my paupers price bracket! It sounds great so far although the Floyd Rose Trem is a bit too daunting for beginners. In between I picked up a Danelectro baby disto pedal and deciding to save again picked up a Zoom 505II which is giving me all the noise i need at this level. Next is an Electro, preferably coloured and bowl back.

Musical Influences

  • Metallica / Zepplin/Anthrax/Megadeth
  • Stereophonics / Muse/Kula Shaker
  • Cult/Iron Maiden

Favorite Recordings

  • Maiden - Live after Death tour
  • Metallica - S&M
  • Muse - Origins of Symetry