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My Name Is Dave and I'm a Guitar-aholic...

Welcome -

Hi, My name is Dave Brinton. I've been playing guitar for 23 years - yikes! At 35 I feel like I'm just now getting to a interesting level of proficiency. I'd like to meet other guitar players in the Toronto area to jam with (no attitudes) and bounce ideas off of. I'd like to learn traditional celtic music to round out my playing a bit. Feel free to contact me via e mail at:

My Guitars

To paraphrase Steely Dan's Walter Becker, I have an incurable case of chronic GAS - Guitar Aquisition Syndrome. My collection is currently 5 guitars - 2 acoustic electrics and 3 electrics. The acoustics are Takamine solid cedar tops - the N10 dreadnaught and EN20C Jumbo Cutaway. My electrics are a Fender Tele American Standard, a Larrivee (yes Larrivee built electrics for a while) LS 3 - Larrivee Strat, 3 pickups, ebony neck, locking tremelo, and my newest aquisition, a DeArmond Starfire Special.

Musical Influences

  • My brother, Dean. I grew up listening to the music he liked
  • Neil Young, Bruce Cockburn, Blue Rodeo, James Taylor, Murray McLauchlin,
  • Blue Rodeo, SRV, Clapton, Robert Cray, the Eagles..

Favorite Recordings

  • Blue Rodeo - 5 Days In July
  • Bruce Cockburn - Rumours of Glory
  • Eric Clapton - From the Cradle, Unplugged