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Ya Right!

So YA Think You Can Play Like The Master Gary

My Name is Gary, my passion is heavy metal! But!!! Not SLOP! Boys and Girls. I am a none stop rockin machine that can burn up a set of Ernie Balls in just a few hours OHH YAA!!! I Know deep in my heart that, (sniff) not very many of you people out there can keep up with me. But, dont cry just quite yet.... There is still hope for even you too!! All you have to do is practice every day, for 6-10 hours until you can say, I do Believe That I Have Spent About 10,000+ Hours on this fret board!!! After that why dont ya give me a call. If You Dont Have CARPAL TUNNEL to the point of being a cripple!!

Musical Influences

  • Van Halen, Richie Sambora, Steve Stevenson
  • George Lynch Vivian Cambell, Reb Beach
  • Along with many other players.

Favorite Recordings

  • You Must Mean The Recordings Besides My Own--Too Many To List