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Mike LaFountain


Mike got started at 8 years old on drums. Later he tackled a mess of brass instruments- trumpet, french horn, tuba, baritone... But, at 15, his bother gave him a guitar. Mike wasn't seen for a year untill he emerged from his room playing Dueling Banjos (both parts of course). He mostly plays blues these days.

Mike has played a bunch and taught on and off for thirty years but never gave up his day job in computers. He developed a passion for music theory many years ago that appealed to his analytical nature. Mikes organized approach to music theory simplifies his lessons to the extent that you don't realize you're learning theory. He has written a book of harmonized scales available at and is currently working on his second book entitled Chord Tools.

Musical Influences

  • Son House
  • Tampa Red
  • Lightn' Hoppkins