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This page is all about me, so if u wanna find out about me, here it is.


My name is James Bernardo. I live in Epsom Downs, home of the derby, in England, and am 16 years old. I have played guitar for about a year, and am in a band of such,called Palm Mute. I like Muse, Rival Schools, Sum 41 and Santana, and dont really like bands like Pantera,Metallica or others. I own a Marshall 30w and a Digitech RP200. Spoiling this is my crappy Squier Strat which i hope to replace soon. Amyway thats all folks.

Musical Influences

  • Muse (Matt Bellamy)
  • Santana
  • Hendrix

Favorite Recordings

  • Citizen Erased (Muse)
  • The Calling (Santana/Eric Clapton)
  • Used for Glue (Rival Schools)