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its a tough place to start..i have been playing guitar for a while now...lets see..too much info will give away my has been a part of my life since as long as i can remember. I believe its a God given gift, and im'e happy to be able to play. Speaking of playing, my main guitar is a Martin D-28, this thing has unreal tone. you gotta play it to believe it. I installed the martin thin line pickup right after i bought the guitar and run thru a fishman pre-amp/eq, a required item with that pick up. From the eq I plug directly into the house P/A or mixing console for recording. For electric work I play a 1980 Strat, again a beautiful instrument. The strat goes through a Johnson mirage modeling amp. All the effects are on board, and i usually use some delay and chorus for clean, and delay and reverb for distorted sounds. I have had to opportunity to do studio recording for a fine Christian Artist from the Chicago area named Jenni Turner. On her debut CD, "Resting Place",I got to play the acoustic tracks for 9 out 10 songs. What a riot, a time consuming riot but nonetheless a riot. Jenni is and AMAZING singer and a great person. She is a Music Major graduate from Bethol College in Minneapolis MN. and Im'e sorry, but words cannot describe her singing. I am looking forward now to recording my own "first" and i cant wait. I now have 12 of my own songs/compositions..just waiting to be transcribed and digitized. Wish me luck. Oh yea, I am 44 Years Old.

Musical Influences

  • Phil Keagy
  • Jouney
  • did i mention Phil Keagy?

Favorite Recordings

  • acoustic sketches