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Dave Lonsdale

Getting here there and everywhere

I've listened to and enjoyed all sorts of music for more years than I want to think about, but never learned to play anything- until now. Went to a Guitar festival in Birkenhead (uk) opposite bank of river from Liverpool saw Tommy Emmauel and also earlier saw Al Stewart. Their gigs got me thinking that I really want to have a go at making music as well as just listening to it. So now my aching old fingers are learning new skills with a simple little Yamaha F310 and I love it. Back in December 2001 I had never held a guitar for more than a couple of seconds before putting it down now I pick it up every chance I get, it's in my office/study/computer room not in a case accessible all the time. Little and often seems to be the key to avoiding frustration in the early stages, but I have just given into temptation and bought a Yamaha Pacifica 112 ,its so much easier to play then the acoustic I needed more progress than I was getting on the acoustic, short attention span typical Aries!! Well its going pretty well the Pacifica is so much easier to get to grips with and it makes some great sounds I'm just a rock hooligan at heart!Well I'm still having a lot of fun, my chords are improving,hell some days I even make some nice sounds LOL..Its still early days less than a year into learning.

Learning curves and the art of Guitar playing

I keep getting side tracked from learning chords because I keep discovering the amazing things you can make a guitar do ,its just a lot of fun and I look and listen through different eyes and ears now. It's like a veils been lifted and I begin to understand how musics created. I'm a long way from achieving my target of setting something I've written to music but I'll get there perhaps sooner than I expected. The great thing is that theres such a lot of help support advice and encouragement from so many people on the net. So thanks to you all, as they say watch this space ! I put Silvertown Blues on as a favourite track because it was the first tune I recognised a chord in, just the one, sat listening playing the one chord but it felt like a real achievement. Small beginnings but its still fun but I realise that I am probably more rock/blues than folk! I apologise to anyone saying oh no its him again updating his homepage again! Well if I can make progress I want to let other people know in case ,like me, they spent years thinking they could never play a guitar. One thing I am realising is that its so much easier to start young, the older you get the more damage you inflict on your hands through work and/or play thats just part of life. In some ways learning to play the guitar is almost a side issue , the motivation came from beginning to do some writing, yes I know at my age ! well there you go I still can't figure out what triggered it all off I just wish it had been triggered a bit sooner. Well well havn't added anything for a while so I thought it was time to bore you good folks out there a little more. The progress is slow but I'm getting there learning new chords and practising them. The electric is so much easier for me than the acoustic but I still practice on that a little as well. I've been doing some writing some of which is on Starlite cafe poetry site. I'm sorry that I hav'nt worked out any fancy graphics yet ,hell takes me all my time to get the spelling right :))). So take care out there all you other musicians its a great thing to be able to play a musical instrument of any sort ,even if, like me, its pretty badly at present. Well I'm surprised I havn't set the world of rock and Roll alight :))) If anyones interested has some very interesting work on it . I masquerade under the name of Davewynter on there if anyones felling really bored! Take care out there all you musicians .To go back to feeling the music more, I'm still a little taken aback at how much more involved I feel listening to anything really, I guess its because my little knowledge of playing has intensified the pleasure of listening to someone really playing well, there are some songs and guitar solos now that make my hair stand on end with the pleasure and involvement of listening.

Musical Influences

  • Eric Clapton Mark knopfler
  • Any rock band from the last 40 years
  • Al Stewart and a whole host of others

Favorite Recordings

  • Bruce Springsteins Latest CD
  • Anything loud with guitar solos
  • Pretty much anything by Eric Clapton

Favorite Lessons