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The best band in the universe, Tool. Until I can find a better picture...

Looking for Santa Cruz County or Bay Area Youth to Jam With!

Hey everybody! Ever since Wholenote wiped out my account, I haven't had a page! But this one will be dope soon, so check back later.

About Me

I am a 18 yr. old 5'8" dude with fuzzy brown hair. I only weigh 142 lbs., but I'm pretty fast! I like surfin', singin', snowboardin', chillin', and a whole buncha other junk. I like meeting new people, and I like serious musicians. My city, Santa Cruz, is the coolest place I have ever been to (including 'Frisco, Kaui, L.A., etc). And now I like Jazz a whole bunch too.

Musical Influences

  • Joe Satriani and Tim Mahoney of 311
  • Jeff Beck and Chris Cornell
  • Adam Jones from Tool

Favorite Recordings

  • Grassroots by 311 and Blow by Blow by Jeff Beck
  • Engines of Creation by Joe Satriani and Black Sails in the Sunset by AFI
  • Bloodsugarsexmagik by Red Hot Chili Peppers and Badmotorfinger by Soundgarden