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BAck In Black?



There are way too many lame guitarists that consider themselves as great, and way too many people who think they know great guitarists.

I used to think I knew what a good guitarists was, and had noone to tell me any different...but now I know I didn't...and that maybe I have a better idea these days. If your game....check out the Guitar Hell Chatroom on WinMX...many collabs happen there of most styles...just be ready to let go of what you believe...or not depending on what you

Anyway...thanks for visiting my page.

Musical Influences

  • too many but...
    Mattias Eklundh,
    Ron Thal,
    Torben Enevoldsen,
    Terry Syrek
  • George Lynch,
    Steve Vai,
    John Petrucci
  • Vitalij Kuprij(keys),
    Jeff Hanneman,
    Rusty Cooley
    Andy Timmons

Favorite Recordings

  • Caprice No.24 (Paganini)
  • Chopin Fantasie - Ron Thal
  • Electric Gypsy - Andy Timmons